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  • This is one of our best back pages of the PhilNews, the newspaper at Philmont Scout Ranch. In three months the staff photographers I managed went from (in some cases) not knowing how to use a DSLR to creating beautiful, meaningful images.

  • October 16, 2011, the Columbia Missourian. Edit by Katy Mooney, photos by various, page design by LeeAnn Elias. My editing team wanted to show the diversity of University of Missouri fans by showing the different ways they celebrated MU's 100th homecoming weekend. We chose the dominant image because it's the exact opposite of most photos that are taken at parades. Parade coverage generally centers around the beauty of the floats, but this photo of the crowd was taken by one of the staff photographers from on a float. It showed the fans, who are the most important part of homecoming celebrations. The images in the center vertical strip show several different events from the weekend, from an MU black fraternity step show to the homecoming football game. My editing team encouraged LeeAnn, the page designer, to include the portrait series and I think it is successful at showing the true spirit of homecoming. The four portraits are of MU alumni who came back to celebrate the centennial homecoming, and the captions describe what they participated in during their time at MU and where they are now.

  • August 21, 2011, the Columbia Missourian. Photos by Katy Mooney, edit by Andrew Williams, page design by Josh Barone. This story about a fundraiser bike ride was the only assignment I had one day as intersession photographer for the Missourian, so I decided to make the most of it. Because the ride was a fundraiser for a local film festival, it was important to get a good shot of the movie screen. It took a while, but I was finally able to capture the sunset behind the screen and make a blank canvas more interesting. Had I been editing, I would have included a portrait instead of one of the mid-range photos of bikes in a line.

  • October 16, 2011, the Columbia Missourian. Edit by Katy Mooney, photo by Benjamin Zack, page design by Katie Wood. I chose this photo as the lead photo for the centennial homecoming celebration at the University of Missouri because it was so different from photos we had run in previous years, mostly of screaming fans at the football games. This image from the homecoming parade clearly was taken in beautiful light, but what drew me to it was that it was a quiet moment amidst the chaos of thousands of visitors flooding into town. Plus, it included MU colors (black and gold) and MU campus landmarks to give it context.

  • October 16, 2011, the Columbia Missourian. Edit by Katy Mooney, photos by Jeremy Jardine and Sarah Hoffman, page design by Josh Barone. This page is an example of what I did every weekend as the sports editor at the Missourian. Every week, the other sports editor and I would meet with the photo team and discuss our goals for the tailgate and game coverage and coordinate the placement of photographers in town throughout the day. We coordinated the team to produce three online galleries that were posted online as the game was going on as well as a doubletruck in the next day's print edition. In each gallery and doubletruck, we would include featurey images of fans and tailgaters, sports action photos and photos that clearly told the story of which team had won the game. This particular doubletruck has some nice sports action moments, a celebration photo of the winning team and two featurey photos that set the scene of homecoming - royalty awards and waiting in line for tickets.

  • November 20, 2011, the Columbia Missourian. Edit by Katy Mooney, photos by Katie Currid, Matthew Busch and Benjamin Zack, page design by Josh Barone. For this football spread, we wanted to choose a group of photos that not only told the story of the game, but gave readers a sense of the other news that was affecting the University of Missouri at the time. We chose the MU crowd photo because of the SEC sign. MU had just announced its transition to the South Eastern Conference, and it was front-page news. We wanted to show how that change was affecting football culture at the university. The win over Texas was a historic event, so the similarly-sized fan photos show the contrast of the moods of the fans for both teams. The other feature photos add space and quiet moments to an otherwise busy layout.