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(Editing) In meetings preparing for the University of Missouri Homecoming weekend at the Missourian, our editing team all agreed that we didn't want to have the same photos we'd seen in years past. We advised the photographers to shoot from perspectives other than the eye level of most parade spectators. We even had one person shoot from on a float. What we ended up with was a gallery of images that effectively told the story of a parade without any predictable, safe float portraits.
(Shooting) I wanted to capture the spirit and energy of University of Missouri seniors as they took part in the annual ritual of walking through the famous columns one last time. The first shot was taken from on the base of one of the columns in order to get close enough to see the excitement on the students' faces. To get the second photo, I had to climb to the top level of a nearby building. I got the photo on the sixth floor, leaning against a window. I think the variety of perspectives helps the reader get a better sense of place and what happened at the event. 
(Editing) I selected and ordered the images in this gallery to tell the story of a Halloween bicycle ride with a clear beginning, middle and end. The first shot sets the scene and sums up the event in one image, and the rest of the photos tell the story chronologically. The candid shots serve to show what happened at the event, and the portrait shows a glimpse of the personality of a participant. 
(Shooting) For this shoot I was restricted from shooting on the floor, so I had to get visual variety from the seats. Although photos such as the portrait of the keynotes speaker are necessary to tell the story of the event, they are rather static, so I used long lenses to capture the interaction between graduates, which is the more emotionally compelling than simple event photos.
(Editing) Homecoming at the University of Missouri sprawls all over the city of Columbia, so while I was planning this event with the other sports editor, we knew that we had to show several different ways that people celebrate. We chose a diverse selection of images and were especially attentive to having a wide age range of attendees. This gallery shows what MU fans of all ages were doing to celebrate.